Sadhana Indian Waldorf Kindergarten Association (SIWKA)

Sucheta Garud

​India & Regional
​Representative - North

Working Group Members of Sadhana

Preeti Misra


Administration & Finance

L​ata Madhusudan 
Regional Representative - South

Our Story

Jyotsna Mandana​
​Regional Representative - South

Sirisha Chunduri

Regional Representative - South

sApeksha Chowdury

Regional Representative - West​

​Sadhana, the Indian Waldorf kindergartens association came into existence in 2014, Sadhana is a part of the International Association of Steiner and Waldorf Early Childhood Education (IASWECE). IASWECE works through the country associations all over the world. It works as a huge support system and provides guidance on various levels to its country members. Being a part of IASWECE is certainly enabling India to strengthen its foundation in its own country and also connecting to the larger impulse of the Waldorf Early Childhood Education movement.

The intent of the Indian Association Sadhana, is to provide help and pedagogical support to all who are inspired by Anthroposophy, a philosophy by the great thinker and philosopher Rudolf Steiner. The association is a platform through which we share our experiences, get together all impulses working with young children below 7 years on the Steiner philosophy under one huge umbrella and deepen our work for the well being of the children of our world.

The Waldorf movement in India is indeed grateful to mentors who have been unconditionally supporting the initiative for over a decade now. Its through the effort of many that this association has finally come into existence and we all express our gratitude to all our mentors and hope to keep this light glowing and spreading. We thank Ms. Clara Aerts, our mentor, our guide, for leading the Sadhana team and enabling us to lay steady and strong grounds for our work in India.